my go-to albums

Redirecting from my usual blog posts, one of my favorite topics  to talk about (besides anime) is music, which has inspired me to talk about some of my favorite albums from my preferred genres. With that being said, let me talk about what genres this post is mainly going to cover.

For the past five years I’ve been a metalhead and has been my go-to genre. This is probably the part where you say “metalcore isn’t metal” or something of that variation, so I will say yes, I listen to “screamo” music. This paved a path to my love for pop punk (I’m a sucker for some good slow emo pop punk). Starting off listening to rap in middle school and then transitioning into my scene phase, I begun to gain a different perspective on the garbage I listened to and have seen the effects of the lyrics and the topics discussed in those songs on youth culture. [insert research paper from senior year discussing this very topic]. Besides country, a genre I always and will always hate, I hated rap. Then there came along a Jt who introduced me to Logic (who I graciously get to see live in August) who changed my entire perspective on rap forever, along with my B-girl mother who has influenced my perspective on rap as well. For the purpose of reaching all audiences, I will name off a few of my go-to rap albums for the purpose of this post.

Que the transition.


Pretty much any album by these bands are good, which is what made it hard for me to decide which ones were my favorite. These were generally the albums I would listen to in the winter from class to class (depressed me felt that it was fitting).

ROCK (because I realized that a lot of my go-to’s fell in this genre as well)

Without a doubt, 131 and Versus from Emarosa are what got me through my first year of college. Being As An Ocean helped me to find Casey, whom I dearly love and listened to a ton the last few weeks of school. My backup go-to night jams.

POP PUNK (I deeply apologize if my categorization is not to your satisfaction)

These albums fall between the categories of good albums to listen to when I went out skateboarding and “man this makes me feel really emo”. My go-to for night jams.

RAP (hip hop-I think we both know that I don’t need to explain this)

The one and only reason why I added two Logic albums to this mix is because I cannot let you read this section of my post without listening to Logic’s new album. Or to put it into simpler words, I couldn’t decide which album to put in this. I’d also like to note that I love Eazy E a lot more than I probably should. This is probably the part where I will get criticized because some of these artist go against my beliefs concerning rap. To comment on that, Spotify allows me to throw out the songs that I don’t exactly agree with and keep the ones I do like all in one simple playlist. So there.

Because I’m often asked about albums/bands that I recommend listening to, I felt that in one way or another someone could find a new favorite group after reading this post. On that note, I have hours upon hours worth of music in playlists on my Spotify that have a lot more bands that I dearly love but did not put in this post specifically. No, this is not me promoting, and yes, this is me telling you to follow me so I can see what you listen to-a lot of times I find new bands/groups through my fellow Spotify friends (shoutout to my frens on Spotify-thank u for the good jams). You can find me either at @seibelhayley or Hayley Seibel. I never know which one works.

Have faith, know hope, and you’re welcome. (side note: ever wondered where know hope came from? Know Hope from The Color Morale).