from me, to you: a motivational message

If there’s one thing I can say that can be addressed towards everyone, it’s this. You are capable of overcoming your fears and your chains. What you battle has nothing on you compared to the person you’ll transform into once you’ve overcome those chains. You were born to battle the things you battle because God […]

it is well: the journey of inner peace

“The soles of my shoes no longer separate You and I Lord, let us dance.” -8.10 This story leaves off after my post Breaking Free, pretty much dreading every day that was passing by. Crying every night before bed to relieve myself of the heaviness I felt in my heart, just barely putting effort into […]


You are plentiful. Whether you feel tired, achey, “fine”, emotionless. Good day, bad day, okay day, fill-in-the-blank day, you name it. You are plentiful. There is nothing in this world that can take away the fact that you are enough. Literally. Not. One. Thing. No test, no grade, no job, no assignment can tell you […]