If you know me through my social media outlets or have somehow stumbled upon my site, welcome back, and hello! I am Hayley Seibel (if a last name is really needed). I’m a Public Relations major at Central Michigan University minoring in Multimedia Design. I create art for the eyes and ears, and most importantly, for the heart. I inspire, I lead, and I am a follower of the King.

Starting my blog in 2014, my site was a place for me to share my testimony, talk about things I’ve learned in my four year (and counting) walk with Christ, share what recent music I’ve been listening to, what I’ve been creating, and a place for me to open up about pain, my battle with depression. As of 2016, I am the creator of beneaththesewounds, a poetry project and personal journal.

 I strive to always be real and upfront in my posts. My goal has always been to create content that inspires others, lifts up the broken, and visually represents Romans 8:18, which says “For I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed within us”. I write to communicate in a language that all may not be able to understand, but for the few that do, know that someone understands what they’re going through, and someone is listening.

And most importantly, to remind the world to never stop believing in themselves, have faith, and know hope. 


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