year two perspective

A lot has changed since I wrote about my first year at college.

At the time I wrote the Year One Perspective post, all I really wanted to talk about was how being put on Craigslist affected my relationship with my previous roommates and how those connections all went in the trash. I was scared about having new roommates in fear that I may screw something up, yet I was confident that I planned the fall semester well and I wouldn’t have as many issues as I did my freshman year.

I was totally wrong.

Being diagnosed with ADHD had the biggest impact on my second year of college—mostly because it wasn’t the kind of diagnosis I was expecting. While the diagnosis forced me to change the “elaborate plan” I made months prior, it also changed the way I saw myself and how I maintained and managed my relationships with others. There is a part of me that is grateful I found some answers to a lot of the things I struggled with growing up, but truthfully, I’ve become too focused on these issues. I’ve put myself under a lot of stress over little things like forgetting what I want to say and releasing built-up stress and anger in a way that isn’t in “my nature.” (If you’re just finding all of this out you can read about it here).

Regardless of how ADHD controls every aspect of my life, I can say I’m very thankful to have had such amazing and supportive roommates. With the passing of my grandparents and going through a breakup, they’ve been so patient with me and so loving that I’m still in shock about how lucky I am to have had the best roommates—and honestly, I think I’m more shocked that even though we won’t all be living together in the fall that we’re all still great friends. (Like, I’ll be living with my roommate again in an apartment—for me that’s crazy to comprehend).

Besides the friends I had through my roommates and the few friendships I maintained from last year, managing my friendships was rough for the first half of the year. I learned a lot about making boundaries for my heart, as well as self-control and forgiveness. Resetting my focus helped me make time to do the things I wanted and love to do while meeting some incredibly talented people along the way. I really am grateful for having friends that are incredibly understanding that as they’re learning about me, I’m still learning about myself also.

So here I am—I’ve now reached junior status, [still] an Integrative Public Relations major and officially minoring in Multimedia Design, working on [things] for True Heart Project (if you’re wondering “what the heck is that,” you can find more info about it here), photographing faces and places in my free time, aaaaaannd I’m writing a book. Needless to say that my next end-of-the-school-year post is going to be quite interesting.


And as for my grades…I’ll need to make a separate post for that one.

Since I included photos from throughout the year in the first post, I thought I’d upload some highlights of my year. (I thought this would be the best way to show the drastic change in my hair length and color).




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